This is one of those revolutionary things people often talk about but don’t put into practice. What an absolutely fantastic idea. Well done. - Mrscottydoodle

Loving the concept! Awesome app, good way to find games when you need help in a mission, and it’s really easy to navigate. It’s only in beta but GamerLink has nailed it already. Great job, guys. - Skreemus

Love it. Great app. I'm glad I got the chance to try it out, it's easy to navigate and you can find people to play games with so easily! Love it. 5 stars. - Dayra Hilderbrandt

The world needs this! Such a good way to connect with friends and others while gaming! Can always find people to play with now. Would recommend to anyone! - Talisa Newman


GamerLink’s Communities are your hubs for:

  • Connecting with gamers through Beacons on the feed
  • Engaging in conversation through discussion posts
  • Meeting new gamers who play the same games


Beacons are your way of telling others you’re looking for gamers to play with and is the quickest way to meet new gamers!

  • Posting a Beacon is fast and easy
  • Add tags to describe your gaming session
  • Receive a push notification game request

Your Universal Gamer Profile

Customize your GamerLink profile to show off your game library and online gaming IDs:

  • Over 100+ online games to add to your library
  • Support for the most popular platforms
  • Choose to display your age, gender, and location

Join our growing public beta!