Easy one click login with Twitch to get you going as quickly as possible!


Select the game and number of open slots. Reserve slots for followers or subscribers!


Roll to randomly select viewers to invite to your game!


Notify the winners with a custom message and one-click add to Steam!

Adam “Lawler” Thornton
Twitch Partner | Esports Analyst/Commentator for RL & PUBG


Been using this for my subscriber games/sub wars and it’s made the setup a seemless process. Not having to message each person individually is great, and the extension is only going to get better as more features are implemented. Being able to give feedback and know that’s being received by the devs almost instantly is more than I can ask for. Looking forward to using it as it keeps improving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a Twitch account to use GamerLink Viewer Games?

Yes! As of now this site and Twitch extension requires you to link your Twitch account. This allows us to verify your followers and subscribers.

Is there a limit to the number of slots I can set?

Nope! Go nuts and get in as many viewers as you can manage. 100 player customs? We got it!

How many games do you support?

As many as Twitch does! Feel free to enter any game title into the slot even if it doesn’t immediately show up on the list.

How does re-rolling work?

If for some reason you don’t want to play with one of the winners, you can ‘re-roll’ that slot and get someone else in.

What is the point of the winner's message?

The winner’s message allows you to convey any game-specific details with them privately. This can include Discord server info, in-game chat channel, private lobby info, game name, password, room code etc.

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