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Jerysa Jarvis
5 Stars

Great app helps you find people who are interested in the same games as you

Umayr Ahmad
5 Stars

This is awesome I’m a small youtuber and this is honestly so helpful to find people to make videos with etc and just game around

Dillon Fenker
5 Stars

Exactly what I need!! Gamerlink is the perfect app for finding players to game with and new friends online!

Sam Crook
5 Star

Fantastic resource for gamers This app really solves the problem of not having a group when you need one. It’s easy to use and an efficient way of finding group members.

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GamerLink is the Ultimate Rocket League LFG App. It gives control back to the players by allowing them to take matchmaking into their own hands.
Whether it’s an intense ranked match, or a crazy 4v4 brawl, GamerLink can help you find the perfect squad for Rocket League.
GamerLink is all about connecting gamers on more than just skill, find the players whose play styles and communication styles match your own!

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This free app on Android and iOS changes Looking for Group with our advanced Beacon Alert and Beacon Search systems.
This is Rocket League LFG at it’s finest!

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