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GamerLink supports Destiny 2 and over 150 other titles across all major platforms!

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Simple UI and intuitive features makes it easy to connect with Gamers!

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GamerLink’s proprietary Destiny LFG system is #1 with a 4.7/5 star rating!

Zach Perez
5 Stars

Great app Love this makes it way easier to find a fireteam for the raid

Lee Jennings
5 Stars

Great app Started using this for Destiny, got someone to game with within minutes. Awesome people who all just want to play. Great for newcomers looking for help and veterans who need experienced teams

Kaitlyn Crawford
5 Stars

Incredible! This app is amazing… I was invited to try it out and so far I absolutely love it. The features are simple, but incredibly useful. The app itself is really fast and looks beautiful. The UI/UX is perfectly designed. This is a perfect way to meet new gamers and make friends. If you love gaming and want to meet new people, do yourself a favor and download this app! 🙂

GamerLink At A Glance

GamerLink is the Ultimate Destiny 2 LFG Solution. It gives control back to the players by allowing them to choose exactly who they raid and PVP with.
Whether it’s a Prestige Mode run on the Leviathan Raid, or a casual round in the Crucible, GamerLink can help you find the perfect Fireteam for Destiny 2.
GamerLink is all about connecting gamers on more than just skill, find the players whose play styles and communication styles match your own!

If you’re in need of Destiny 2 LFG, look no further than GamerLink, with over 200 supported titles across every major platform, it doesn’t matter what games you play, or what you play it on, GamerLink makes it easy to find squadmates.

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