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Sam Crook
5 Star

Fantastic resource for gamers This app really solves the problem of not having a group when you need one. It’s easy to use and an efficient way of finding group members.

Dante Senior
5 Stars

Amazing This application has literally everything I was hoping for. It is beta so the games are just the popular ones for now but in all honesty, it doesn’t matter. This is going to be the biggest application for gamers who need parties pronto! Everything is organized by console/platform and your dashboard (where all gaming beacons appear) is tuned to what games you add. You need this application if you’re a team-oriented gamer.

5 Stars

Great App!! I love it. It’s probably one of the most helpful gaming apps out there. I’ll definitely keep this app with no doubt. Absolutely love it, keep doing what you do! And good luck for your future apps! You’ll be seeing me in your timeline a lot!

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GamerLink is the Ultimate Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 LFG solution. It gives control back to the players by allowing them to take matchmaking into their own hands.
Whether it’s a hardcore round of S&D, an intense round of Blackout, or a casual TDM, GamerLink can help you find the perfect COD squad.
GamerLink is all about connecting gamers on more than just skill, find the players whose play styles and communication styles match your own!
If you need a Call of Duty LFG app, look no further than GamerLink.

With over 150 titles to chose from across every major platform it doesn’t matter what you’re playing, you’ll always have access to a community of players looking to team up and game.
GamerLink Looking for Group (LFG) is all about seeking out those positive online connections and making lasting relationships with friends and squadmates alike!

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This free app on iOS and Android changes the game when it comes to Looking for Group, and makes Call of Duty LFG a breeze!

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