GamerLink About Us

GamerLink is a Waterloo Region startup creating a gaming tool that allows gamers to connect with other gamers for better online multiplayer experiences. We help gamers to discover others to play with online, and overall improve a users gaming experience. This is achieved by connecting gamers of similar skill, playstyle, demographics and more.

Our squad consists currently of 6 full-time employees and we are extremely motivated and a diverse team who all share a similar interest…GAMING!

Meet The GamerLink Team

GamerLink App Badge Wise Owl


Founder & CEO

Ryan is the founder of GamerLink and has a background in both tech and Business Management. When he isn’t pouring over GamerLink’s numbers, he’s busy organizing meetings, on important phone calls, or making life-threatening decisions. Like the wise old owl, Ryan works best at 3 in the morning while sitting on a tree branch.

GamerLink App Badge InVerum


Sales & Marketing Lead

Paul is GamerLink’s voice in the gaming community and our official #HYPE man! He has experience in marketing/public relations and casting esports tournaments, while also being the reigning world champion in the Heroes of the Storm Battle Rap Association, which is probably definitely a real thing… maybe.

GamerLink App Badge Kovalo


Senior Community Manager

If you’ve ever messaged us on social media or provided feedback in the app, you’ve probably talked to Matt. Matt has built his own startup where he gained valuable experience with creating customer relationships, and creating dank memes. He keeps telling us that users want an all pink app theme, but we’re pretty sure it’s just him.

GamerLink App Badge Str0ngmachine



Sinthu is GamerLink’s CTO and in-house designer. Sinthu has an eye for both technical design and user experience, and he’s definitely not afraid to tell you when something just straight up isn’t working. He’s also the only person at GamerLink to order a burrito with four LINES of hot sauce. Not two or even three, but FOUR. Madness.

GamerLink App Badge Thunterr


Full-Stack Developer

Tiago is GamerLink’s Android developer and Analytics Specialist-in-training. Like many of us, Tiago really hates bugs. The bugs that Tiago sees in his nightmares are all digital and he spends his days squashing them to help give you a buttery smooth GamerLink experience. He’s also super tall, so don’t get him angry or he’ll bring down the thunder!

GamerLink App Badge Kuma


Backend Developer

Skuma is a sentient panda bear that became trapped in a human body as punishment for drinking all the bubble tea reserves. After being the first bear to graduate from Computer Science, Skuma joined GamerLink to manage our backend servers and databases. Skuma enjoys eating ice cream for breakfast, bamboo and noodles.